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Robert Siddall

Thank you for visiting Brookfield Church Memorabilia. I have collected memorabilia for a number of years, and attended Brookfield in the early 1970s. I have selected some of the more interesting documents, and these can be viewed by clicking on the blue underlined hyperlinks. Unfortunately the church, and particularly the grounds have suffered years of vandalism. A stark contrast from the bygone days when the church was well attended and the grounds kept in immaculate condition. On a brighter note, the old graveyard at the back of the church has been tidied up by some kind off community workers. Although the vandalism has taken its toll, these workers have done a first class job in cleaning up the grounds, making a visit to the graveyard much easier.

I have recently updated this site with new photographs and information, and I have also discovered that I had a lot more church magazines than I originally thought, and these have been added to the list.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this site, as many people have over the years. I am pleased at some of the comments I have received and hope it continues to give people the same pleasure looking through it, as I have had creating it.

If I can be of any further assistance, then please contact me at the email link near to the bottom of the page.

Robert Siddall.


A Short History of Gorton Chapel


This is a list of my Brookfield Church and Sunday School Memorabilia.

Sunday School Anniversary Programmes.
1942. 1939. 1949. 1948. 1947. 1945. 1944. 1943. 1942. 1941. 1940. 1939. 1938. 1937. 1936. 1935. 1914. 1915. 

Monthly Messengers (Church Magazines, most containing a copy of The Unitarian).
May 1913. Apr 1913. Jan 1914. July 1907. Dec 1941. Jun 1905. Feb 1950. Dec 1949. Nov 1949. May 1957. Apr 1957. Jan 1957. Nov 1957. Nov 1956 (Two copies). Oct 1956. Sept 1956. Aug 1956. Jul 1956. June 1956. May 1956. Apr 1956. Mar 1956. Jan 1956. June 1955. Jul 1955. Aug 1955. Sept 1955. Oct 1955. Nov 1955. Dec 1955. Dec 1953. May 1955. Apr 1955. Mar 1955. Feb 1955. Jan 1955. Dec 1954. Nov 1954. Oct 1954. Sept 1954. Aug 1954. July 1954. Jun 1954. May 1954. Apr 1954. Feb 1954. Jun 1953. Apr 1953. Feb 1953. Mar 1959. Apr 1961. Oct 1959. Jan 1961. Dec 1959. Apr 1960. Oct 1960.  Dec 1960. Jan 1960. May 1960. Nov 1959. Sept 1974. Nov 1974. Dec 1974. Jan 1975. Feb 1975. Mar 1975. Apr 1975. May 1975. June 1975. July 1975. Aug 1975. Sept 1975. Oct 1975. Nov 1975. Dec 1975. Jan 1976. Feb 1976. Mar 1976. Apr 1976. May 1976. June 1976. July 1976. Aug 1976. Sept/Oct 1976. Nov 1984. Dec 1984. Jan 1985. Feb 1985. Mar 1985. Apr 1985. May 1985. June 1985. July 1985. Aug 1985. Sept/Oct 1985. Nov 1985. Dec 1985. Jan 1986. Feb 1986. Mar 1986. Apr 1986. May 1986. June 1986. July 1986. Aug 1986. Sept 1986. Oct 1986. Aug 1988. Sept 1988. Oct 1988. Nov 1988. Dec 1988. Jan 1989. Feb 1989. Mar 1989. Apr 1989. May 1989. June 1989. July 1989. Aug 1989. Sept 1989. Oct 1989. Nov 1989. Dec 1989. Jan 1990. July 1990. Aug/Sept 1990.

Bicentenary of opening of Chapel. Aug 1903. (Five copies).

Letter to Thomas Grundy. 26th September 1906.
Postcard to Thomas Grundy. 1906. 
Postcard from Unitarian Home Missionary College. June 25th 1909.
Pocket Programme. 1955-56.

Ticket for New Years Eve Social. Dec 31st 1954.

Ticket for Whit Week. 5th June 1938.
Stickers for presentation. 1920.
Ticket for Rose Fete 50-50 Social. July 2nd 1955.

Ticket for Xmas Carnival Social. Dec 24th 1954.

Card for New School Fund. 1892.
Syllabus for Women's League. 1951-52.
Anniversary Sermons. 1920.
Anniversary Sermons. 1923 (Two copies).
Anniversary Sermons. July 1st 1917.
Accounts. 1949. 
Accounts. 1922.
Anniversary Service Primary Birthday.
Carol Service. Dec 1956.
Rose Fete. July 6th 1957. 

Opening of New Schools Programme of Sports. Aug 4th 1900.

Photograph of Life Boys. (Possibly 1950s).
Receipts & Payments sheet. 1950.
Rose Fete. June 30th 1956.

Rose Fete. July 5th 1958.
Rose Fete. 1954.
Induction Rev. Maurice Bonner. Aug 1st 1953.

Induction Rev. Patricia Ann Richardson 11th Jan 1975.
Drama Festival. 1955.
N.C.U.S.S.U. Annual Meeting. Oct 21st 1911.

Celebration of Coronation. 22nd June 1911.
Handwritten balance sheet. 1895. Signed by Ralph Worthington & B.C. Cocks.
Handwritten Ministers letter (G.H. Wells). June 10th 1881.

Postcard to J. Leigh Worthington. Jan 5th 1906.

Other side of Postcard to J. Leigh Worthington. Jan 5th 1906.
Postcard from Stopford A. Brooke. Oct 5th 1905.

Other side of Postcard from Stopford A. Brooke. Oct 5th 1905.
Postcard to Samuel Rider. 1894.

Handwritten letter from John Dean to Thomas Grundy. June 27th 1906.

 Other side of handwritten letter from John Dean to Thomas Grundy. June 27th 1906.

Plan of proposed Church Commemorative Tablet. Traced on June 12th 1903.

Handwritten balance sheet. 1899. Signed by John Dean & J. Leigh Worthington.

Y.P.L. Programme. 1942-43.

Income and expenditure account 5th Apr 1989.

Joint dedication service Girl Guides and Brownies and Boys Brigade 10th Nov 1975.

N.C.U.S.S.U. Arts and Crafts Exhibition May 10th 1975.

Printed accounts. 1905.
Church services. (Six copies).
Printed balance sheet. 1892.
Annual Report. 1905.
Rose Fete. July 1st 1933.
Hymns for Whit Week. 1914.
Hymns & Choral songs. 1939.
Report of the Committee. 1893.
Handwritten letter from Samuel Rider. Nov 8th 1892.
Funeral fees and dues. 189-.
Sale of Work programme. Feb 10th &12th 1906 (Four copies).
Sunday evening hymn sheet.
Handwritten copy of memorandum of agreement with Rev. Dendy Agate upon his entry on the ministry. 25th Mar 1882.

Handwritten memorandum from George Cocks. Mar 14th 1905.

Sunday School Accounts 31st January 1947.

Rose Fete. 1955.

Photograph of Rose Queen.
Sunday School Anniversary. 1914.
Sunday School Anniversary. 1915.
Whitsuntide hymns. 1954.
Parents Party. 1938.

Two Photographs of Rose Queens.

Photograph of Drama Group. 1947.
Brookfield Drama Programme. 1956.
Brookfield Drama Programme. 1954.
Brookfield Drama Programme. "Painted Sparrows".
Brookfield Drama Programme. 1957.
Sunday School card.
Rose Fete. July 4th 1953. 

Photograph of Girl Guide Camp 1961. (Courtesy of Norma Jones).

Another Photograph of Girl Guide Camp 1961, Seven Springs, Disley, (Courtesy of Norma Jones).

Brookfield Drama Programme. "Aladdin" 1938.

Brookfield Drama Programme. "Queen of Hearts" 1948.
Brookfield Drama Programme. "Jack and the Beanstalk" 1947.
Brookfield Drama Programme. "Lucy Lockett" 1955.
Brookfield Drama Programme. "Princess and the Pea" 1956.
Sunday School Federation. 1951.
Sunday School Federation. 1953.
Brookfield Drama Programme. "Cinderella" 1939.
Primary Service Hymns.
250th Anniversary of the Old Chapel. Dec 5th 1953.
Sunday School Federation. 1950.
Boys Brigade Programme. 1950.
Decorators estimate. Dec 14th 1949.
Sunday School Association. 1950.
Temperance Association. 1953.
A Short History of Gorton Chapel Bi-centenary memorial. 1903. (Two copies).
S.S. Association. 1952.
N.S.S. Federation. 1952.
Coronation card. 1953.
Arts & Crafts Exhibition. 1952.
Rose Queen service. 1957.
Sale of Work official handbook. Feb 10th & 12th 1906.
Rose Queen service. 1954.
Rose Queen service. 1955.
Anniversary Sermons. July 5th 1931.
Arts & Crafts exhibition. 1956.
Rose Queen service. 1958.

Photograph of Rose Queen. 1955.

Handwritten balance sheet. 1897. Signed by Joseph Bamford & Charles Broadhurst.
Printed balance sheet. 1892.
Handwritten letter from Dendy Agate. 3rd Sept 1888.
Handwritten letter from Dendy Agate. 30th Jan 1883.
Handwritten balance sheet. 1896. Signed by Bristowe C. Cocks & Joseph Bamford.
Printed Ministers letter (Dendy Agate). Sept 6th 1893.
Handwritten letter from J. Stanfield Grimshaw. 1893.
Printed balance sheet. 1893.
Printed balance sheet. 1897.
Printed balance sheet. 1894.
Printed balance sheet. 1898.
Accounts. Dec 31st 1905.
Handwritten balance sheet. 1892. Signed by Edward Woodhouse & Thomas Howarth.
Handwritten balance sheet. 1894. Signed by Ralph Worthington & Hugh Dean.
Handwritten balance sheet. 1898. Signed by Charles Broadhurst & John Dean.
Handwritten Business Agenda. Oct 27th 1891. Written and signed by Samuel Rider.
Handwritten supplementary balance sheet. 1900.
Handwritten balance sheet. 1891.
Hymns for Whit Week. 1915.

Laying of Memorial Stones of the Sunday School. June 24th 1899.

Inside of Laying of Memorial Stones of the Sunday School. June 24th 1899.

Back of Laying of Laying of Memorial Stones of the Sunday School. June 24th 1899.

Opening of New Schools. July 28th 1900.

 Inside of Opening of New Schools. July 28th 1900.

Back of Opening of New Schools. July 28th 1900.

Annual Report. 1913.
Sunday School Anniversary. July 13th 1913.

Annual Report. 1912 (Two copies).
Annual Report. 1898.
Sunday School Anniversary. July 21st 1912.
Sunday School Anniversary. July 16th 1911.
Annual Report. 1910.
Sunday School Anniversary. July 10th 1910.
Sunday School Anniversary. July 4th 1909.
Sunday School Anniversary. July 5th 1908.
Annual Report. 1908.
Annual Report. 1906.
Sunday School Anniversary. July 22nd 1906.
Sunday School Anniversary. July 16th 1905.
Annual Report. 1905.
Annual Report. 1904.
Sunday School Anniversary. June 26th 1904.
Annual Report. 1900.
Sunday School Anniversary. July 8th 1900.

Sunday School Anniversary. July 11th 1897.
Sunday School Anniversary. July 10th 1898.
Annual Report. 1899.

Dedication of Rose Queens. 1949.
Anniversary Sermons. July 5th 1925 (Two copies).
Whitsuntide folder. 1950.


Graves of Brookfield's honoured worshippers

Brookfield Church's interior plaques and memorials

Brookfield Church and Sunday School in more recent times

Brookfield Church today

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